23. Chapter - Additional Features

23.1. Excluding Folders from Synchronization

Normally, all folders in Outlook are linked to their corresponding folders on the server. However, as described below, individual folders can be excluded from synchronization and completely unlinked.

  1. Go to Groupware Client > Folder Linking.

  2. Click on the checkbox on the left side (Outlook) in front of the corresponding folder to remove the check mark.

  3. If you acknowledge the confirmation prompt, the folder itself and all its subfolders will be excluded from synchronization.

The setting always affects the folder itself and all its subfolders. The folder and its subfolders remain visible and usable in Outlook. If required, the subfolders can be deleted in Outlook. However, the folder itself must remain in order to retain the exception from synchronization.

If the setting is to be undone, check the box in the menu described above. In order to resume synchronization, all locally available data and all subfolders must first be deleted and replaced by the content on the server. The user is informed about this in a dialog and must start the deletion.