24.12. Log files

By default, the groupware client logs internal details about the user's accounts, shares, data synchronization and user actions. In the event of an error, this data is the basis for reconstructing the events, the possible causes and possibly the recovery of data.

By default, the log files are stored in %LOCALAPPDATA%\Intra2net, which usually points to the hidden directory AppData\Local\Intra2net below the user's profile directory. The files are rotated daily, or if you exceed 170 MB, and kept for 14 days by default. The default values and the scope of the logs can be adjusted via the registry, see Section 30.2, „Advanced Registry Settings“.

24.12.1. Submitting log files to support

If Intra2net Support asks you to send the log files of the groupware client, the easiest way is to use a special function in the menu "Groupware Client > Information". You need the ticket number of the support case.