23.4. Folder Options

In the Groupware Client > Options menu, connection options can be set for the email accounts. In particular, it is possible to set the frequency at which individual folders are synchronized with the server.

The folders currently opened or selected in Outlook are updated every 3 minutes by default. This interval can be adjusted globally in the dialog.

In addition, all folders are synchronized with the server in the background at the set interval. If you want to adjust this interval, select the folder, deactivate the control panel Use default value and set the desired time. All subfolders of this folder automatically accept the set time, unless you explicitly specify a different value for a subfolder.


Synchronizing many folders results in significant load on the client and the server. It is therefore important to ensure that only one or very few folders are synchronized at short intervals in the background per user. If all folders are synchronized every few minutes, Outlook can react sluggishly and the server can easily be overloaded by a few users.

The update interval settings here only affect the synchronization of changes on the server to local Outlook. Changes made locally in Outlook are written to the server promptly and without waiting for an interval.

The settings for the update intervals here only affect the contents of the folders, not changes to the folder structure or folder rights. Regardless of the interval set here, these are always synchronized when Outlook is started and every 60 minutes afterwards. The Groupware Client can be instructed to update the folder structure immediately by right clicking on a folder in the Outlook folder list which is managed by the Groupware Client, opening the context menu, and select Update folder list.

Additional settings for synchronization can be made using the registry. These can be found in Section 29.2, „Advanced Registry Settings“.