24.7. Reminders in Shared Folders

Outlook can give reminders of deadlines for appointments and tasks. If a folder is shared by several users, the reminders are handled individually for each user.

Each user can place any number of reminders on each groupware item, and they will appear only on their own due date. The user login is used to identify the user, so the reminders also work if a user works at different PCs.

The only exception is when a user creates a new appointment or task and enables reminders at the same time. In this case, the reminder is made for the creating user, and one for the owner of the folder. This way, for example, a secretary can create an appointment with a reminder for their boss.

A later change to the reminder only affects the user who made the change.

The values InitialReminderSetting and ReminderChangesHandling in the registry can be used to further change functionality. Details can be found in Section 30.2, „Advanced Registry Settings“.