Intra2net Security Security

Intra2net Security Gateway including Firewall, Spam Protection and Antivirus

Complete Protection for your Network

Intra2net Security Gateway » The complete solution for your Internet security and networking. Easy to use, reliable to operate and optimized for comprehensive network, web and email security.



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Protect your Network

Intra2net Security Gateway is an affordable solution that provides an effective protection against the daily onslaught of viruses, spam and Trojans from the Internet. Complete with Internet access, firewall and VPN remote access for the secure connection of branch offices and mobile employees.

Secure Email Communication

All incoming emails are cleaned from common threats by the Intra2net Security Gateway before they reach your mail server. Dangerous viruses are already filtered and the very high spam detection rate of over 99% relieves mail servers significantly.

Controlled use of Websites

Time-controlled usage control for services such as Facebook, Youtube or Ebay: Determine which websites employees can access. Centralized virus protection stops dangerous content before it can enter the network.

Freely Choose your Platform

The Intra2net Security Gateway is based on a security optimized Linux operating system and can be used as hardware, software or virtual appliance.

Firewall, VPN, Antivirus, Spam Filter, URL Filter, Groupware

System Requirements

Intra2net Security Gateway Supported


Antivirus and anti-spam included