Intra2net Network Security

Intra2net Network Security for firewall security and VPN servers

Secure Network, Secure Access

Intra2net Network Security » Protect your network against attacks from the internet and connect central offices, mobile employees and branch offices with each other, simply and securely. Fast access to applications and company data is possible reliably and economically.


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Protect your Network

Intra2net Network Security is an essential solution that effectively protects networks against online attacks with a multi-level firewall. Complete with Internet access, firewall and VPN remote access for the secure connection of branch offices and mobile employees.

Location Independent Data Access

Important information such as the availability of goods can now be retrieved anywhere and at any time. Mobile access to applications, emails and documents means a significant increase in efficiency, as all data is available at all times.

Freely Choose your Platform

The Intra2net Network Security is based on a security optimized Linux operating system and can be used as hardware, software or virtual appliance according to individual requirements.

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System Requirements

Intra2net Network Security supports


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