Press Reviews

"Firewall appliances for small businesses... Medical practices, law firms, or small satellite offices typically require low firewall throughput, yet high security.... Intra2net offers a new entry-level device for this purpose."
c't Magazin, 30. July 2022

"As far as pure Exchange/Outlook functionality is concerned, Intra2net Business Server is quite an exciting alternative for small businesses with an unrivaled price."
Windows Pro, 28. March 2022

"With Intra2net's new licensing model, partners are expected to benefit from clearer pricing with fixed user packages. Entry-level prices have been lowered, bringing the offering into play as an alternative to cloud offerings."
IT-Business, 21. January 2021

"Intra2net introduced a new backup system for its Business Server. The release 6.9.0 now supports differential backups, which should reduce the time required especially for larger data volumes..."
LANline, 22. December 2020

"Quickly connect home office workstations via VPN wizard. The new Intra2net Security Gateway 6.8 now has a VPN wizard for this purpose, which considerably reduces the effort required for the setup and minimizes sources of error.", 26. May 2020

"For the small business target group favored by the manufacturer, the Intra2net Business Server is ideally suited as an Exchange alternative."
IT Administrator, 29. July 2019

"The upgraded Appliance Pro of Intra2net can be used depending on the software license from basic network security to a comprehensive Exchange alternative."
Security Insider, 06. November 2018

"Intra2net introduces a new generation of its UTM appliance Intra2net Appliance Pro [...] This now offers 25 percent increased VPN throughput, 8 GB RAM, and can be flexibly integrated into any IT infrastructure through four LAN ports."
LANline, 20. July 2016

"The security and groupware provider Intra2net has integrated a new protection feature against cryptotrojans into its UTM solution Security Gateway [...] For example, emails can be filtered at group level that contain office files with suspicious macros."
SearchSecurity, 14. April 2016

"Tübingen-based Intra2net AG describes its email and groupware software of the same name as a cost-effective Exchange alternative for companies with 5 to 250 employees."
Computerwoche, 08. April 2016

"The Intra2net Business Server comes with everything needed for secure and cross-platform team communication. "
TecChannel, 05. October 2015

"The new version of the Unified Threat Management solution for small businesses now has a network traffic monitoring feature. This enables real-time visualization of LAN and WAN data traffic."
IT Administrator, 03. August 2015

"The new version of the Intra2net Business Server is certified for virtualized use under Windows Server 2012 R2 [...] Users can easily and quickly integrate the Linux-based Small Business Server into existing company networks. "
DataCenter Insider, 13. March 2015

"The Intra2net Business Server offers small businesses a functioning groupware with Outlook and ActiveSync connection, is based on a stable kernel, provides users with timely patches and can be used as an out-of-the-box appliance."
Computerwoche, 26. May 2014

"Companies that are primarily looking for a replacement for MS Exchange should definitely take a look at Intra2net Business Server."
TecChannel, 21. May 2014

"The groupware package Intranator Business Server 6.1 masters wireless synchronization with mobile devices via the ActiveSync 14.1 protocol. Emails, calendar and contact entries are thus automatically transferred to iOS, Android and Windows phone end devices."
c't Magazin, 05. December 2013

"New in the now released version 6.1, besides a series of improvements to the groupware client, is the push function based on an open source implementation of ActiveSync 14.1, which was also developed in-house."
PC-WELT, 02. November 2013

"Tübingen-based Intra2net AG has released version 6.1 of its Intranator Business Server, which is based on open source components. The all-round happy package for small businesses covers all deployment scenarios around Internet security, email and groupware."
heise online, 28. October 2013

"In its capacity as a groupware server, the IBS hits the spot with most SMBs [...] The Intranator Business Server is the perfect, cost-effective and secure Linux-based Exchange replacement."
ADMIN Magazin, 01. November 2013

"Tübingen-based Intra2net has fundamentally renovated its Intranator Appliance Eco presented in spring 2012 and is now presenting the entry-level model of the groupware appliance family with improved hardware and software."
heise online, 20. August 2013

"Intra2net presents the new generation of the Intranator Appliance Eco, a groupware solution for small businesses. The combination of hardware and software positions itself as an alternative to the Microsoft Small Business Server."
monitor, 20. August 2013

"The new hardware offers an optimized ventilation design, which should lead to a significant reduction of operating noise. It is of particular interest to small offices without their own server room, as the appliance can be operated quietly according to the manufacturer.", 21. August 2013

"Thanks to its Outlook connection, the Intranator Business Server is a low-cost Exchange alternative that also includes protection for the company network. The solution is optionally available as a software, hardware or virtual appliance."
IT-Business, 02. December 2013

"Collaborate more effectively. Designed as a Linux small business server, the appliance is suitable for up to 50 users and can be used in small businesses as both a groupware server and a central security server."
iX Magazin, 04. April 2013

"Intra2net AG is positioning the new Intranator Business Server 6 as an Exchange alternative for small businesses. Thanks to a new Outlook extension, email accounts, calendars and groupware resources should now be able to be used with clients from Outlook 2003 to Outlook 2013."
TecChannel, 21. February 2013

"Attractive entry prices for small businesses. IT security vendor Intra2net has revised its licensing model for the Intranator solution. The new volume scales now start at five users."
IT-Business, 02. December 2012

"Intranator Security Gateway from Intra2net is a UTM software appliance specifically tailored for use in small and medium-sized enterprises. The solution covers network, email and web security and can be installed on any standard hardware."
IT-Administrator, 01. June 2012

"Affordable Linux security appliance. Now the Tübingen-based company has expanded its portfolio with an all-round happy package for small companies."
iX Magazin, 26. April 2012

"The IT security provider Intra2net is expanding its hardware portfolio with a solution for small businesses with up to ten workstations. The Intranator Appliance Eco can be used with software licenses for network, mail and web security."
Security Insider, 26. April 2012

"With the Intranator Security Gateway, Intra2net AG presents an IT security solution that is specially tailored for use in companies with five or more users. The UTM software appliance covers the areas of network, email and web security and can be installed on any standard hardware.", 29. March 2012

"The solution is based on a hardened Linux and serves as a gateway between the corporate network and the Internet to protect the network from threats such as viruses, trojans, unauthorized network access or spam."
LANline, 26. March 2012