24. Chapter - Advanced Email Configuration

24.1. Retrieve Emails Completely or Only Headers

Using the Message Fetching button in the Groupware Client > Options menu, it is possible to specify whether new emails in a folder should be retrieved immediately or only the headers. As soon as the user clicks and opens an email in Outlook with only the headers, the download of the complete content automatically starts in the background.

Each email folder allows for individual selection of whether new emails are always downloaded completely or only the headers. The default setting for newly connected folders is Complete. To change the default setting, adjust the root folder settings.

The advantage of only downloading headers is that they require less space in the data file on the local system. A smaller data file often results in faster response times from Outlook.

The disadvantage of downloading only as headers is that Outlook cannot search the content of emails that have not yet been downloaded completely. A connection to the Intra2net system is also necessary for reading an email. Moving or copying emails to or from another data file or folder of another server account is only possible once the complete email is locally available.