24.5. Read receipts

The SMTP standard provides that a sender of an e-mail can request an automatic read confirmation (Message Disposition Notification (MDN)) from the recipient. Outlook supports this and offers the possibility to set the handling in the e-mail options. By default, the user is asked whether a read confirmation should be sent or not.

However Intra2net has experienced that Outlook does not fully consider this option and in some cases still sends read confirmations to the sender without being asked. This was mainly observed with regard to moving or deleting e-mails. Outlook then answered old e-mails with "Your message has been deleted without being read" without asking the user.

In addition, the groupware client has to delete emails for a correct function and replace them with new versions, e.g. if another user or device has changed the email. This method does not work for emails with read confirmation, since Outlook would ask the user to send the read confirmation each time such a change is made to an email.

Therefore, the Groupware Client removes the request for read receipts from all incoming emails.

If the sending of read confirmations should be absolutely desired, the removal of the read confirmations can be suppressed at the user's own risk by setting the registry value MdnAllow. For more information about the registry, see Section 29.2.1, „Store Settings“.