24.4. Email Reminders and Tracking

Outlook provides the ability to define email reminders and create a list of emails to be processed at a later date (tracking feature). This is not possible with the groupware client. In addition, such reminders and tracking information generally cannot be relayed to mobile devices.

Therefore, we recommend creating a separate task for the email, instead of using the Tracking feature. This can then be used in Outlook, the web groupware, and on devices connected via ActiveSync. If necessary, it can even be shared with and edited by other users, e.g. in case of substitution.

With Outlook 2010 and later, it is possible to automate the creation with QuickSteps function. Proceed as follows for the one-time setup:

  1. Right click on any existing QuickStep and select Create New.

  2. Choose Create a task with text of message.

  3. Save the QuickStep by clicking Finish.

The QuickStep is now set up and ready to use. To do so, open the relevant email and click on the previously created QuickStep. A matching task is automatically created.