10. Chapter - Internet

The Intra2net system can be configured for multiple providers. If one provider fails, it can automatically switch to an alternative provider.

10.1. Dial-up with DSL (PPPoE)

The Intra2net system supports DSL with PPPoE as used by Deutsche Telekom. There is no DSL modem built into the Intra2net system, therefore it must be connected to a network interface of a DSL modem and configured to the type "DSL/Router". Only DSL modems with Ethernet connection are supported. Here you can find an overview of VDSL modems recommended by Intra2net.

Many providers supply a router with an integrated modem as part of their contract. Some of these routers can be used in a modem-only mode, sometimes referred to as PPPoE pass-through. If this is possible, this configuration should be set. If this is not possible, the router should be replaced by a dedicated DSL modem. See Section 10.6, „Router vs. Modem“.

For VDSL connections, but also for some ADSL connections, the PPPoE packets must be marked with a VLAN ID for dial-in. For connections that are provided via Deutsche Telekom's infrastructure, this is VLAN ID 7. This VLAN ID must be entered either on the Intra2net system or on the DSL modem, but not on both at the same time.

When setting up a connection with PPPoE, it is important to properly enter the login details. For more information, contact your provider. Ask for dial-up settings for routers.