11.8. Automatic Connection

Under Network > Provider > Automatic, define which provider is normally used for connection setup. The connection setup mode will also be configured.

In case of manual connection, the Intra2net system only goes online if a user clicks Online on the main page, or a scheduled action (e.g. automatic email transfer) starts.

If a connection is established on demand, the Intra2net system only goes online if a client with firewall access rights wants to send a packet to the Internet. Scheduled actions (e.g. automatic email transfer) also trigger a dialing process.

If the Intra2net system is always online, it will try to keep a connection open at all times.

In case of manual and on demand connection setup, the Intra2net system remains online until the provider terminates the connection (e.g. by forced disconnection) or (if configured) the connection is not used for a certain period of time (connection timeout).

A time can be defined for the Intra2net system to automatically drop the connection. This can be useful, for example, if the provider is to be disconnected after 24 hours at a fixed time of night. After forced disconnection, the connection is only re-established in always online mode.