11.10. Switching to Other Providers in the Event of an Error (Fallback)

If the Intra2net system detects that the connection to a provider is disturbed, it can automatically switch to another provider. For this purpose, in the Settings of the primary provider tab, the Fallback provider option is used to specify a provider, which should be available in the event of an error.

Since an alternative provider is often billed according to time or data volume, or offers a slower line, it is important to switch back to the primary provider automatically. The option Switches for is intended for this purpose. After the specified time has elapsed, an attempt is made to reconnect to the primary provider. If it is still not available, a connection to the alternative provider is established again.

The time should not be too short (e.g. 3 minutes) as this will interrupt existing user connections. A longer time interval (e.g. 60 minutes) is recommended.