11.9. Connection Monitoring

Connection monitoring is activated by selecting a server list for connection monitoring in the Services tab of a provider profile. The connection monitoring then continuously sends ping packets to the peers defined by the server list. If no response is received from half of these servers for a period of 90 seconds, the line is regarded as faulty and the connection is set to offline.

Dial-up access types are first attempted to re-establish connection. If it is not possible to achieve a stable connection through this, a different provider is used, if configured (fallback). In the case of access types without a dial-up procedure, the alternative provider is directly activated. For information on switching to other providers see Section 11.10, „Switching to Other Providers in the Event of an Error (Fallback)“.

Under Network > Provider > Connection monitoring, there are lists of remote hosts which can be pinged for connection monitoring. For normal Internet connections, it is best to use the server list predefined by Intra2net, as it contains servers scattered throughout the Internet, in different data centers, which provides a good overview of the connection status.

When defining your own server lists, it is necessary to ensure that the servers respond to ICMP echo requests (ping). We recommend that at least 4 are listed, preferably 6 to 8, to ensure that one or a few unresponsive servers do not result in a disconnection.