11.14. External access

The Intra2net system provides access to emails from the Internet via POP3S and IMAPS (encrypted POP3/IMAP4). It is possible to also access the user interface and web groupware from the Internet via HTTPS.

This is configured using the firewall ruleset under Network > Provider > Profiles : Firewall.

For HTTPS connections it is possible to set whether only the webmail system or the complete user interface can be accessed. This depends on which user groups the user is in. The rights for external access are set under Usermanager > Groups : Administration Rights.

For external connections, it is sensible to use a different SSL key from the internal connections, as browsers compare the DNS name of a website with the name in the key, to ensure that no man-in-the-middle attack is being made.

Under System > Keys create an X.509 key using the DynDNS name of the Intra2net system as the host name (CN) (see also Section 10.2, „Correctly Creating Certificates“).