11.13. DynDNS

To remain accessible over the Internet despite changing IP addresses, (e.g. for VPN or external HTTPS access), the Intra2net system can disclose its IP address using the DynDNS service. The Intra2net system notifies a DynDNS provider of its new IP address after every dial-up. A normal DNS name such as intra.dyndns.org can then be used to access the Intra2net system under its current external IP.

Under Services > DynDNS it is possible to configure multiple accounts with different DynDNS providers.

11.13.1. Providers

The following DynDNS services are currently supported by the Intra2net system:

ProviderPriceSettings on the Intra2net system
No-IPFree of charge (up to 5 entries)
  • Protocol: dyndns

  • Alternative Server: dynupdate.no-ip.com

DynuFree of charge
  • Protocol: gnudip-fullhostname

  • Alternative Server: gnudip.dynu.com

ChangeIP.comFree of charge
  • Protocol: dyndns

  • Alternative Server: nic.changeip.com

  • Protocol: dyns

Dyn$25 US / Year
  • Protocol: dyndns

Namemaster€12 / Year
  • Protocol: dyndns

  • Alternative Server: dynup.de

DHS$5 US / Year
  • Protocol: dhs

All information provided is subject to change and provided without guarantee.

An extensive list of other DynDNS providers can be found here. However, we cannot guarantee that these providers are all compatible with the Intra2net system.

11.13.2. Updates and the IP Address Used

Under Network > Provider > Profiles : Services it is possible to set whether the DynDNS services should be updated when dialing in for each Internet provider (for redundancy reasons, multiple DynDNS services can be configured at the same time).

The IP address used is usually the external IP of the Intra2net system. However, it is possible that a connection may go through NAT multiple times which could result in a different address being given over the Internet. This can be configured using the setting "Get DynDNS IP from website". The Intra2net system will then first ask a web server for the IP from which the request comes and send it to the DynDNS server.