50. Chapter - VPN with Android

Devices with Android Version 4 (Ice Cream Sandwich) or later, contain everything necessary to establish VPN connections with the Intra2net system. Additional software, root rights and similar are not required.

Devices with Android are provided by many different manufacturers. Every manufacturer has the ability to modify the original Google Android on their devices. For this reason, we cannot guarantee the functionality of all devices. In addition, the details of how to operate it may differ from those described here. These instructions and images were produced using a Samsung Galaxy S4.

A PC with Windows and a USB connection to the Android device is required for the initial setup.

50.1. Preparing the Device

Before setting up the VPN connection, check whether the login data remains hidden or not. Go to Settings, tab Accounts, and Backup and reset.

The setting Backup my data should be disabled. If this setting is active, the login data is uploaded to Google and stored there unencrypted. Anyone who knows the password to the Google Account associated with the device can retrieve it. Google and any third parties authorized by Google are equally entitled to do so.


If the setting was previously active, all access data stored on the device (including email accounts, WLANs, social media, etc.) must be regarded as compromised and should be changed immediately. It can be assumed that the data will continue to be stored by Google, even if the upload of new data has been deactivated.