36. Chapter - Reference Information


The information in this chapter is only valid for Webgroupware and Activesync. Information about the Intra2net Groupware Client can be found in 29. Chapter, „Reference Information“.

The Webgroupware and the ActiveSync interface do not support all fields that can be sent by ActiveSync or the Intra2net Groupware Client. Therefore, the data stored in these fields cannot be displayed, used or edited in the webgroupware or via ActiveSync. In addition, the data stored in it can be lost when you change other fields of the same object.

The following is not supported by the Webgroupware and Activesync:

  • Pictures of contacts

  • Appointment and task series with the recurrence type "work week" and recurrence type monthly when the last day of the week is specified (for example,"last Monday of each month").

  • Exceptions in series of appointments and tasks in which more is changed than the complete omission of an element of the series

  • Color representation of categories: Categories are only displayed as text

  • Processing incoming task assignments by email

  • Contact Groups

  • Reminders and tagging for emails

  • Attach other elements or files to groupware items (not emails, attachments are of course possible here)

  • Linking of groupware objects to each other, e.g. with contacts

  • Groupware objects marked as private are no longer displayed to the owner in some special cases

  • Telephone numbers in the "Company Main Phone" field. Use "Business phone" instead.

For Activesync, the restriction still applies that only one folder is transferred for each groupware object type (appointment, address, task,...). This restriction can be mitigated by setting up additional accounts, see Section 33.3.4, „Synchronize Multiple Calendars or Contact Lists“.

Further information will be available soon. If you need more detailed information to support individual data types or functions, please contact the Intra2net sales department.