33.3. Special Features and Tips

33.3.1. Deleting Emails on the Server

If an email account is used with an email client via IMAP simultaneously with the ActiveSync mobile device, which does not represent the deletion of emails by moving them to a recycle bin, but rather by deletion marks, the emails deleted by the client are only deleted on the ActiveSync device at the time of the final deletion (expunge command).

Applicable email clients include Mozilla Thunderbird and Microsoft Outlook 2003.

33.3.2. Synchronization Steps

If the mobile device reports to the Intra2net system for synchronization, it is notified of all changes since the last synchronization and then updates its data. Changes made on the mobile device are also transferred to the Intra2net system.

For technical reasons, however, some changes require two synchronization steps for complete transfer. There must be a time interval of at least 4 minutes between these steps. This is especially important for synchronization intervals of several hours. In case of doubt, use manual synchronization twice in a row at 4-minute intervals on the mobile device. At the end of this period all data will be up to date.

33.3.3. Manage and Resynchronize Devices

On the Intra2net system, the Usermanager > Users : Groupware menu displays a list of all devices connected to the corresponding user account. This is also available for each user under User manager > Own profile > Groupware.

The Reset button cancels the synchronization state of a device on the server. The next time the device reports for synchronization, all data is transferred again. This helps to solve synchronization or data consistency problems. This is also automatically triggered when a backup of the Intra2net system is restored.

33.3.4. Synchronize Multiple Calendars or Contact Lists

An ActiveSync connection transfers only one folder for each groupware item type (appointment, address, task, etc.). In some cases, however, in addition to the private address book, a company-wide address book is also required.

This can be done by setting up additional ActiveSync connections. Since the folders to be transferred are set per user account in the User Manager > Users : Groupware menu, a different user account must be used for each of these connections.

For example, if a company-wide address book is to be transferred, a general user such as info, where the desired address book is also stored, can be used. There is no limit to how many ActiveSync connections can be connected in parallel to one user account.

If calendars or task lists are included in this way, reminder settings always apply to the entire user account. If this is shared by multiple users, the reminders will also appear for all users.