2.4. BIOS

In the BIOS setup some settings should be configured before installing the Intra2net software. Since the BIOS setup differs from manufacturer to manufacturer, the following table lists the most frequently used names for the appropriate settings.

If installing the Intra2net software on a certified HPE server, information regarding the necessary BIOS settings can be found online here: https://www.intra2net.com/de/support/server-systeme.php.

Date and TimeShould be correct (approx. +-10 min.), because the Intra2net system creates a time-dependent certificate during installation. As soon as an Internet connection is established, the time is set precisely via NTP.
Restore on AC Power Loss or AC Back Function

To "On" or "Full-On". This means that the Intra2net system will automatically start after a power failure or UPS shutdown.

This option is usually found under Power Management, Boot Options or a similarly named menu.

CSM, Legacy BIOS or UEFI

The Intra2net system can be operated with classical BIOS as well as with UEFI. A change is still possible even after installation.

UEFI Secure Boot


Virtual Install Disk or Virtual Driver Disk

Some server systems offer a virtual drive with this option, which contains drivers for the system or the RAID controller to simplify the installation of Windows or VMWare. Disable this option, as it can interfere with the hard drive detection of the Intra2net system.

Wake on PCI device or Resume by PCI-E device

Must be enabled in order to make scheduled shutdowns (see Section 17.7, „Scheduled Shutdown“).