17.7. Scheduled Shutdown

In order to save power, the Intra2net system can switch off automatically when it is not needed. In the System > Shutdown menu, it can be programmed to switch itself off at certain times. If you receive emails directly via SMTP, you should not use this function, otherwise emails could be returned to the sender as undeliverable. Also VPN, web-groupware, remote maintenance, port forwarding etc. do not work while the system is switched off.

The system switches itself back on at the programmed time. This requires BIOS support. In the BIOS, an option like Wake on PCI device or Resume by PCI-E device usually has to be enabled.

Use the Test button to test this function before utilizing it. The system shuts down and has to switch itself on automatically after 3 minutes. If this does not happen, settings have to be adjusted in the BIOS.