2.5. RAID

If using a RAID controller, first clarify whether it is a hardware RAID controller or a software RAID controller (also known as BIOS RAID or host RAID). Controllers with their own buffer memory (possibly also with buffer battery) are usually hardware RAID. Most low-cost SATA controllers or SATA controllers integrated on the motherboard are software RAID.

If using a hardware RAID controller, use its BIOS to create a partition that is suitable for the Intra2net system.

If using a software RAID controller, do not configure RAID functions in its BIOS or disable the controller's BIOS by setting the hard drive access to AHCI. The objective is to enable the Intra2net system to communicate with the individual drives separately. This configuration is commonly referred to as JBOD. After installing the Intra2net system on the first hard drive, it is possible to create a RAID array with the second drive in the web interface under System > Hardware > RAID.