14.2. User

If a user is deactivated, they will no longer be able to log in and new emails will no longer be stored (error message: Over Quota). However, email forwarding is still active. We recommend using this option, for example, for employees who have left the company but may still be likely to receive important emails.

Every user can change their password and email settings on the sub-pages of Usermanager > own profile if their access rights allow it.

All passwords are automatically checked for their quality. Various algorithms for pattern recognition and lexicons are used. The user is warned if the password has a low security level. If a password falls below a minimum quality, it is rejected.

14.2.1. Settings for Email and Groupware

Using the tabs in the Usermanager > Users menu, it is possible to make user-specific settings for the email system. These are described in Section 15.5, „Email Addressing“, Section 15.6, „Email Processing“ and Section, „User-Dependent Spamfilter“.

On the Usermanager > Users : Groupware tab, it is possible to define the default folders for the user. For each user, the default email folders (drafts, sent emails, trash) are automatically created by the system. The default groupware folders, on the other hand, are only created when the groupware is first used by this user. The names of the default folders can be retrieved by email clients via the XLIST protocol extension. They are also used by the Webgroupware and ActiveSync.

The settings for webmail are explained in Section 31.2.2, „Append Signatures“, the settings for ActiveSync in Section 33.3.3, „Manage and Resynchronize Devices“ .