31.2. Sending Emails

31.2.1. New Message

Click on the New message button in the upper left corner and a window for composing a new email will open.

When starting to type a name in the To, Cc or Bcc fields, all available address books are automatically searched for this name in the background. Contacts found will then be offered as a selection dialog.

Alternatively, it is possible to click To to add matching recipients from the address books.

31.2.2. Append Signatures

It is possible to define a signature, which is automatically appended when a new email is sent.

Each user can configure their signature under Usermanager > Own Profile > Groupware. To access this menu, the web groupware must first be exited via the Mainpage button. The administrator can configure the signatures of all users using the Usermanager > Users : Groupware menu.


The signature is not displayed in the email editor. However, it will be automatically attached to the email once it is sent.