17. Chapter - System Functions

17.1. License

17.1.1. Demo Mode

After installation, the system will be in demo mode. You will then have 30 days to explore all of the features. The range of features corresponds to an Intra2net Business Server with the only restriction that backups cannot be restored and system updates are unavailable.

Internet access and email traffic will be blocked after 30 days. However, configuration data and emails are retained.


The Intra2net system updates its system time as soon as it is online. If the system time deviated considerably during installation, it may be that the time period for the demo license is calculated incorrectly. In this case, reinstall the Intra2net system.

17.1.2. License Code

If a license has been purchased, it can be imported into the system and activated. For this purpose, the Intra2net system requires an internet connection. It should therefore already be configured and default provider set correctly (see Section 11.8, „Automatic Connection“).

Enter the full license code under Information > License. A complete license code consists of 5 blocks of 4 characters each, separated by hyphens (e.g. A1B2-C3D4-E6F7-G8H9-I0J1).

If the new license is missing functions that are currently actively used on the Intra2net system, a conflict occurs when the license is imported and the new license is not activated.

These particular functions can now be disabled. They are listed in the Information > License menu. An attempt to import the license can now be made again.

17.1.3. Update Period

Each license includes feature, security, spam filter and virus scanner updates for 1 year. This period counts from the first registration or check for updates. The end date is displayed on the Information > License page.

If the license for new updates has expired, the system continues to run normally in its current state. All updates released up to the expiry date can still be installed. In addition to the updates for the Intra2net system, the updates for the virus scanner and spam filter will no longer work. Both functions are highly dependent on contemporary data, which is why the filter rates tend to deteriorate rapidly after only a few days.