17.8. Inspection and repair of filesystems

At startup, the device automatically checks the consistency of the filesystems. If an error is detected, the system aborts. For appliances with LED indicators, the startup indicator stops at level 2 or 3, see Section 3.5.1, „Start-up of the device“.

Details are only displayed on the console. Therefore, connect a monitor and keyboard to the device. An error is indicated with Filesystem check failed clearly displayed. Press a key to restart the device.

On restart the boot manager is displayed for a short time. The boot manager starts the normal system after a few seconds. Instead, select Filesystem repair attempt.

In this mode, the system examines all filesystems more closely and automatically attempts to repair any detected damage. If a filesystem has been repaired, the system displays the result for a few seconds and then moves to the next filesystem. At the end, the system reboots automatically.

Do not switch off the system while the filesystem repair attempt is running, as this can cause even more serious damage to the filesystems.


Do not attempt to repair the filesystem if you suspect that the hard disk is damaged. This could irreparably damage the filesystem.

A damaged hard disk is suspected if corresponding messages were previously displayed on the main page of the Intra2net system or in the system messages, the RAID status is not OK or unusual noises can be heard from the hard disk.

If you suspect a damaged hard disk, please contact Intra2net support. Alternatively, you can make a low-level copy of the defective hard disk (e.g. with dd_rescue) and then try to repair it using the copy.