9.8. Import/Export Client Profiles

Various settings for clients can be imported or exported in a single file. Either a prepared XML or CSV (Comma Separated Value) file can be uploaded to or downloaded from the Intra2net system. This is particularly useful if there already is a client database from which the data can be exported.

9.8.1. Importing Clients

Here it is possible to upload an XML or CSV file containing client data for import. The field names for the XML import can be found on the DTD, which can be downloaded from the configuration page. The structure of the CSV format can best be found in a previously exported CSV file. The field "access_right" contains the name of the access right used for this client.


Please note that the access right entered must correspond exactly to the name of an access right in the system.

9.8.2. Exporting Clients

Here it is possible to select the clients for export, either in XML or CSV format. The field names for the XML export can be found on the DTD. In CSV format, the field names are on the first line.