9.9. Intranet Routing

The Intra2net system can route multiple internal networks. For example, this can be useful if multiple companies share an Intra2net system or if separate floors or departments use different networks.

A client or router on the network of the Intra2net system must route between the networks. Enter its IP address in Network > Intranet > Routing, under Gateway IP. If the Intra2net system is to route itself between the networks, connect the other network to one of the network cards of the Intra2net system and enter the network under Network > Interfaces (see Section 9.1, “IPs and Networks”).

Routing on the intranet only works for internal networks (on internal network interfaces) and cannot be used to place special routes on the Internet (on the external network interface). Use the provider settings for this purpose, see Section 11.3, „Router with static IP“.

Rights settings can also be specified for an entire routed network. For routed networks, only the rights of the routing itself apply, not the rights of the network through which the gateway is connected, which are specified under Network > Interfaces.

The firewall of the Intra2net system is only effective for connections from the routed network to the Internet and other networks directly connected to the Intra2net system. The firewall does not work for connections between the routed network and the network connected to the Intra2net system and router. In order to be able to use the system firewall between different local networks, these networks must be connected directly to a network interface of the Intra2net system, rather than being connected via a separate router.