9.5. Registering Clients

Individual clients can be registered under Network > Intranet > Clients. Each registered client can be assigned its own access rights (see Section 9.3, “Access Rights of a Network Object”).

Additionally, the client is automatically available via DNS under its name (primary name and the secondary names specified under "Alias"). An entry for reverse DNS (which DNS name has the IP x?) is also automatically created.

If a MAC address is given, DHCP requests from this MAC are answered with the set IP (static DHCP). If an IP address is entered in the field, click Detect to search for the corresponding MAC in the local network.

9.5.1. Wake-On-LAN

Wake-On-LAN sends a special IP packet ("Magic Packet") to the specified MAC address. Most computers can be powered on over the network this way. Settings may need to be adjusted in the BIOS of the computer in order to use this feature.

To enable end users to easily use Wake-On-LAN, e.g. to remotely power on their workstations through a VPN, Wake-On-LAN links are offered. By simply opening the link, e.g. with a web browser or script, the Wake-On-LAN function is directly triggered. The link contains all the necessary information, so no further input, confirmation, login or similar is required to trigger the Wake-On-LAN.

The Wake-On-LAN link contains a random value that is used for authentication. If the right to use should be revoked for the previous users, click Create link. The previous link will be shown. Now click Revoke current link. This will create a new link and invalidate the previous link.

9.5.2. DHCP

If the client has been set up with dynamic DHCP, the system displays the expiry date of the lease. If it is not renewed by then, the entire entry will be deleted.

It is also possible to enter other rights, aliases or create Wake-On-LAN-links for clients set up with dynamic DHCP. However, since these settings are lost if the computer is not active for a certain period of time (e.g. weekends, vacations, etc.), we recommend removing such clients from the dynamic DHCP pool and assigning another IP outside of the pool. Simply change the IP address and click Save settings.