9.6. DHCP-Server

The Intra2net system contains a DHCP server. If a MAC address was defined under Network > Intranet > Client, then a querying client is always assigned the corresponding IP. If a MAC is not yet known, the DHCP server assigns an IP from one of the DHCP ranges (see Section 9.7, “Entering Ranges”).

Only one DHCP server may be active on a network at any given time. The Intra2net system therefore checks on startup whether another DHCP server is active and deactivates its own when necessary.

Normally the Intra2net system configures itself as the standard gateway and DNS server. Under Network > Intranet > DHCP it is possible to change these values, as well as servers for WINS and NTP time synchronization. If the fields are left blank, the Intra2net system is used.


We advise against using a different standard gateway. Functions such as port forwarding and accessing local clients via VPN may cease to work.