9.3. Access Rights of a Network Object

For each network object (network, client, VPN,...) the same group of rights can be assigned.

Firewall RulesetThe firewall ruleset is used to check all packets sent by this object (client, network, etc.). A detailed description of the firewall rulesets can be found in Part 5, „Firewall“.
Proxy ProfileEither a proxy profile can be permanently assigned to an object or user authentication can be activated.
Email relaying allowedAllows sending emails to domains that are not found locally on the Intra2net system. Sending emails must be allowed on the firewall ruleset beforehand.
Allow DNS requests to the InternetAllow DNS requests that the Intra2net system cannot resolve itself. This function can be used to prevent constant dialing through DNS requests and to block DNS tunnels used by some hackers for data transmission.