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Weekly statistics: 2017-11-26 - 2018-01-14

Weekly statistics for from 2017-11-26 to 2018-01-14

Intersection of with other lists

DCC  74.00% intersection with
SPAMHAUS ZEN  72.00% intersection with
COMPOSITE BLOCKING LIST  68.00% intersection with
SPAMHAUS XBL  68.00% intersection with
NIX SPAM  66.00% intersection with
SPAMHAUS PBL  64.00% intersection with
UCEPROTECT 2  64.00% intersection with

Further information on UCEPROTECT 3

UCEPROTECT Level 3 lists all IP's within an ASN if more than 100 IP's, but also a minimum of 0.2% of all IP's allocated to this ASN got Level 1 listed within the last 7 days.


Spamassassin config

header   RCVD_IN_UCEPROTECT3 eval:check_rbl_txt('uceprotect3-lastexternal',
describe RCVD_IN_UCEPROTECT3 Network listed in (bad networks)
tflags   RCVD_IN_UCEPROTECT3 net
score    RCVD_IN_UCEPROTECT3 0 # please adjust the score value

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