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Weekly statistics: 2021-06-06 - 2021-07-25

Weekly statistics for from 2021-06-06 to 2021-07-25

Intersection of with other lists

MAILSPIKE WL  97.39% intersection with
DNSWL MEDIUM  84.73% intersection with
DNSWL LOW   5.69% intersection with
DCC   1.74% intersection with
UCEPROTECT 3   1.23% intersection with
DNSWL HIGH   0.41% intersection with
URIBL BLACKLIST   0.31% intersection with

Further information on JMF-WHITE

Free DNS host karma listing servers to provide information to the world about what servers are sending spam, nonspam, or a mix of spam and nonspam. This is a service of Junk Email Filter dot com.
JMF-White: Sender is trusted in sending no spam.


Spamassassin config

header          RCVD_IN_JMF_WHITE       eval:check_rbl_sub('JMF-lastexternal', '')
describe        RCVD_IN_JMF_WHITE       Sender listed in JMF-WHITE
tflags          RCVD_IN_JMF_WHITE       net nice
score           RCVD_IN_JMF_WHITE       -0.01

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