Licensing Rules for Specific Feature Groups

Network Security

Network License: Each license includes the Linux operating system and Network Security functionality. It supports an unlimited number of firewall and VPN connections for any number of remote peers. Limits are only set by the performance of the hardware used.

Email Security

Volume License: The number of licensed users is based on the number of email accounts configured on the target system for domain redirects, plus individual email redirects. Email distribution lists are not counted as email accounts.

Web Security

Volume license: The number of licensed users depends on the number of users set up in the system and, if the proxy is used without authentication, on the number of different IP addresses connecting simultaneously. The maximum number of concurrent connections allowed is ten times the number of licensed users.

Mail Server and Groupware

Volume License: The number of licensed users depends on the number of active email accounts on the Intra2net mail server. The Intra2net Groupware Client is available for every PC workstation that is used together with the Intra2net Business Server.

Stand-By Systems

Network license: To deploy a cold stand-by system, an additional Intra2net Network Security license is required for the second system. The simultaneous installation of one license on two operational systems is not permitted.