Examples of Licensing Rules

The following examples illustrate how the license volume is determined for different usage scenarios.

Example 1: Intra2net Business Server in a Company

A service company has 10 users with fixed computers. In addition, 5 laptops are used by the same employees. Additionally, the employees use the Intra2net Business Server groupware while on the move.

The customer licenses the user package for 10 users:

Amount Product Range
1I2N-BSL-110Intra2net Business Server, 10 users

Example 2: Intra2net Business Server in a Hotel

A wellness hotel with 70 beds has 5 PC workstations in the administration and offers guests secure Internet access free of charge. The Web Security Module of the Intra2net Business Server is used for this purpose, the proxy is used in transparent mode without authentication. The hotelier wants to provide simultaneous Internet access for a maximum of 35 guests.

The customer licenses the user package for 40 users:

Amount Product Range
1I2N-BSL-140Intra2net Business Server, 40 users

Example 3: Intra2net Security Gateway to Protect an Exchange Server

The customer runs a Microsoft Exchange Server and employs 270 people. 150 of these employees work in production and have no Internet access. 120 employees work in administration and have regulated access to email. The customer has also set up 20 email distribution lists for project distribution lists, job applications and sales inquiries. The antivirus and antispam functionality of the Intra2net Security Gateway is used.

The customer licenses 120 users in the volume scale 101-500 users:

Amount Product Range
120I2N-SGL-195Intra2net Security Gateway, 101-500 scale