Special Licensing Options

Extension of Volume Licenses

A license extension is required by customers who wish to purchase additional users for their existing license. The extension are available in packages of 5 users each. The expiration date of the extended license is the same as the expiration date of the original license.

Example 4: License Extension from 30 to 40 Users

A company wants to expand its Intra2net Business Server license from 30 to 40 users, with 18 months remaining on software maintenance.

The customer licenses 2 extension packages with 5 additional users each:

Amount Product Range
2 I2N-BSE-105 Extension for Intra2net Business Server, 5 users

If the remaining software maintenance period is more than 24 months, the software maintenance must be subsequently licensed for the number of additional users. Please contact the sales department of Intra2net directly.

Conversion of licenses

A paid license conversion is given when an existing customer wants to convert their Intra2net Security Gateway into an Intra2net Business Server. License conversions from Intra2net Business Server to Intra2net Security Gateway can be done free of charge. The conversion of an Intra2net Network Security license is not possible. Please purchase a new license instead.

Example 5: License Upgrade from Intra2net Security Gateway to Intra2net Business Server

An advertising agency with 120 users would like to use the groupware functionality and converts its existing Intra2net Security Gateway license.

The customer licenses an upgrade for the existing license in the 5-500 user tier:

Amount Product Range
120 I2N-BSU-195 Upgrade to Intra2net Business Server, 5-500 scale

Reducing the Number of Users

A reduction of the number of users for Intra2net Security Gateway and Intra2net Business Server is possible at any time free of charge. Please contact the Intra2net sales department directly for a reduction.

Purchase Intra2net Licenses

Intra2net licenses are available through our sales partners. They will be happy to provide you with a personal quote, assist you with installation and provide ongoing maintenance and technical support.