Recommended VDSL Modems

Note: VDSL modems from other manufacturers will of course also work.

DrayTek Vigor167

Supported DSL standards: ADSL, VDSL, VDSL Vectoring, VDSL Super Vectoring (Profile 35b)

The following settings must be configured in the web interface of the device:

Menu Internet Access > PPPoE/PPPoA

Menu Internet Access > MPoA / Static or dynamic IP


The manufacturer offers two different firmware variants. One "STD" variant and one "Modem7" variant. The latter is recommended for VDSL with vectoring.

For "Modem7" firmware and the subsequent reset to factory settings, VLAN ID 7 is activated on the modem side. In this case the VLAN tagging on the Intra2net system must not be set. Alternatively, it is possible to deactivate VLAN tagging on the modem and activate VLAN ID 7 on the Intra2net system.


Supported DSL standards: VDSL