22. Chapter - Sharing and Access to Shared Folders

22.1. Sharing Own Folders

To allow other users to access a folder, the owner must first share it as follows:

  1. Open the Groupware Client > Shares menu.

  2. On the left side (server accounts) click on the folder to be shared.

  3. Double click on the right side (shares) of the screen. The dialog for a new share appears. Select the user name or user group with which the folder is to be shared.

  4. Use the checkboxes at the bottom of the dialog to select the rights that are to be granted to other users.

  5. Click Save to add the new rights to the server.

We advise against sharing with individual users, but with user groups on the Intra2net system. This simplifies the management of shared folders, especially during user fluctuation and restructuring.

The meanings of the various rights are as follows:


The user can see the folder and all of its contents.


The user can create new entries in this folder and change or delete existing ones.


The user can delete, rename, and create new subfolders within this folder. Additionally, the user gets administration rights to the folder and can change the sharing rights for other users.


The user may change the read, reply, and flagged flags of the existing content.

The set rights normally only apply to the selected folder itself. With the corresponding option, the rights set for the selected folder can also be applied to all subfolders. Not only the currently changed rights are adjusted, but the complete rights set for the selected folder are set for all subfolders exactly the same as for the selected folder.

Newly created folders always adopt the rights of their parent folder when they are created.

22.1.1. Read Status Shared/Individual

The Intra2net system enables the management of the "read" or "unread" status of newly received emails either for all users or for each user with individual access rights to this folder. Which method is more suitable depends on the situation and the reason for sharing an email folder with other users. Therefore, both options can be selected.

If a new share to other users is configured in the menu Groupware Client > Shares with the right "Flags", the shared read status is automatically activated.

If the read status is to be managed individually for each user, open the context menu of the folder with a right click and deactivate the Share seen flag with others option.