Discontinuation of systems with 32-bit architecture as of 30.09.2019

Cancellation of 32-bit architecture systems effective 09/30/2019

We hereby announce the discontinuation of support for processors, motherboards and hypervisors with 32-bit-only architecture as of September 30, 2019

The Intra2net system has been working in 32-bit mode until now. This brings with it limitations on memory size and execution speed, which will be lifted in the future by moving to 64-bit mode.

The upcoming version 6.7 of the Intra2net system will only support 64-bit systems.

Conversion to 64-bit mode via software update

The changeover from 32- to 64-bit mode will take place automatically as part of the software update to the upcoming version 6.7 in the fall of 2019. This will be implemented with the regular update mechanism. Customers and administrators are not expected to take any additional steps, such as reinstalling or reconfiguring hardware.

Estimation of 64-bit support penetration

All CPUs sold by AMD and Intel since 2009 support 64-bit mode.

All appliance models sold by Intra2net since 2008 support 64-bit mode. Due to the advanced age of the hardware of at least 10 years, Intra2net assumes that only a very small number of customers are still using pure 32-bit systems.

How can you tell if your hardware supports 64-bit mode?

Check in the menu "Information > System > Hardware" the item "CPU supports 64-bit".

What happens after Sept. 30, 2019, if your hardware does not support 64-bit mode?

Future software updates will mandatorily require 64-bit mode and therefore will not be able to be applied to hardware with 32-bit-only architecture.

New software updates include security and antivirus updates, as well as new features. This guarantees you high security, new innovations and protection against viruses. We advise to renew the old hardware promptly in order to be able to continue installing software updates.

What can you use as an alternative for the discontinued hardware?

We recommend replacing the affected hardware with a Intra2net Appliance Eco oder Intra2net Appliance Pro to replace it.

You can continue to use your software license unchanged with a new hardware. To obtain the hardware, please contact your Intra2net sales partner.

The configuration, e-mails and other data can easily be transferred to your new hardware. You can find instructions for transferring the data here:

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