Intra2net Business Server - an Exchange Alternative

The Intra2net Business Server offers a complete groupware solution. Thanks to Microsoft Outlook and mobile device support, we can provide an attractively priced Exchange alternative that further protects networks. The complete package is especially designed for small businesses and is easy to install and administer.

Feature Comparison

Business Server

Exchange Server

Version 6.11.0 2019

System Requirements

Processor x64 x64
Memory 4 GB 128 GB
Operating System included  
Synchronization with Microsoft Outlook

Supported Clients

Outlook 2013 to 2021 x x
Web-Client x x
Google Android x x
Apple iOS x x


Business Server

Exchange Server

Email x x
Calendar x x
Contacts x x
Tasks x x
Notes x x
Shared Folders x x
Public Folders x x
Free/Busy Information x x
Synchronization via ActiveSync x x
Event Invitations x
Email Tracking x
Resource Management x
Email security

Email security

Spam Filter x x
Content Filter x x
Antivirus included  
Groupware Interfaces


Email Archiving Interface x x
Active-Directory Integration
Server-Side API Interfaces   x
Groupware Administration


Browser-Based Management x x
Automatic Backups x  
High Uptime   x
Alternative to Exchange Server price comparison

Price comparison

Business Server

Exchange Server

Version 6.11.0 2019

10 users for 4 years

Server with 10 Users 450,- € 1.979,- €
Software Maintenance / Software Assurance 1.230,- € 1.981,- €
Total 1.680,- € 3.960,- €

25 users for 4 years

Server with 25 Users 930,- € 3.626,- €
Software Maintenance / Software Assurance 2.520,- € 3.631,- €
Total 3.450,- € 7.257,- €

50 users for 4 years

Server with 50 Users 1.730,- € 6.371,- €
Software Maintenance / Software Assurance 4.680,- € 6.381,- €
Total 6.410,- € 12.752,- €

Get to know our Exchange Alternative

You can purchase the Intra2net Business Server from our certified sales partners. They will be happy to make a personal offer, assist with installation and offer ongoing maintenance and technical support.