Discontinuation of ISDN hardware and functions as of 31.12.2017

ISDN is the technology that was the preferred choice for telephony, Internet access and remote access until a few years ago. It is now increasingly being replaced by VoIP, DSL and VPN, and the use of ISDN is now in sharp decline.

We hereby terminate the following ISDN functions as of 12/31/2017:

We hereby cancel the following ISDN hardware as of 31.12.2017:

Further supported:

How can you tell if you are using any of the above functions?

Check the settings in the following menu items:

Are you still actively using one of the ISDN functions mentioned? Then please contact the Intra2net Support and describe your usage scenario. We will be happy to help you find a suitable alternative.

How can you tell if you're using the discontinued hardware?

Open the menu „Information > System > Hardware“. If the type "fcusb2" is listed under "ISDN Controller", it is the discontinued AVM Fritz!Card USB hardware.

What happens to the ISDN functions and the discontinued hardware after 31.12.2017?

Zuk├╝nftige Software-Updates ab dem 01.01.2018 werden die genannten Funktionen nicht mehr enthalten. Diese werden aus der Konfiguration des Systems entfernt.

Die AVM Fritz!Card USB kann dann nicht mehr verwendet werden.

What can you use as an alternative for the discontinued hardware?

Purchase the ISDN USB adapter "Draytek miniVigor 128" in stores now. Resellers can alternatively obtain this adapter from the Intra2net sales department.

For further questions, please contact your local sales partner.

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