libt2n - C++ library for IPC

libt2n (talk to neighbor) is a C++ library for inter-process communication (IPC) with an additional code generator (libt2n-codegen)


2015-05-13: Version 0.7 of libt2n released

2011-05-20: Version 0.6 of libt2n released 2009-02-07: Version 0.5 of libt2n released


Before inventing our own IPC library, we checked a lot of other IPC frameworks like CORBA, D-BUS and ICE. But they weren't easy to use (you need many lines of code to export or use a method, let alone good error handling) and did not allow passing complex C++ objects like vectors, maps and your own classes. To get all this we had to develop our own framework.

Here's a list of goals we had in mind while developing:

Of course we had to limit the feature set, so libt2n currently has these restrictions:

Communication between client and server is currently done using Unix domain sockets (named pipes) or TCP. But the library is designed transport-independent, so it can be expanded to shared memory or other mechanisms.

Serializing all the complex objects is done with Boost serialization.


The library itself is licensed under LGPL 2.1 (not any later).