56.2. Configuration

For each VPN connection, you can define individual settings for address changes in the Tunnel tab, under Services > VPN > Connections.

Rewrite local IPs

The local network of the Intra2net system is rewritten to another IP area, which is transmitted to the peer. It must therefore be registered on the peer as a network behind the Intra2net system.

The on free IP option combines the selected local network into a single IP, from the perspective of the peer. Therefore, connections within the VPN can only be initiated from the local network, not from the peer.

The 1:1 on free net option rewrites the selected local network to the perspective of the peer. The 1:1-NAT indicates that the 1st IP of the real network is rewritten to the first of the NAT network, the 2nd IP to the 2nd, and so on.

Rewrite remote IPs 1:1 to networkIf active, the peer's network can be reached using the network specified here (see Peer Network). This definition is only valid for the local network of the Intra2net system and is not visible from the peer. Only the network specified under Peer Network is sent to the peer during connection setup.
Rewrite remote addresses for Internet access (NAT)See Section 44.4.4, „Configuring the Tunnel“