43.2. Foreign Keys

In order for the Intra2net system to establish a connection, it must first know the public key of the peer. From the peer, export, send, and import it to the Intra2net system.

To import, go to the System > Keys > Foreign keys page, input a name and set the key type. Now open the key in a text editor, select and copy it to the clipboard. Now you can paste it into the Copy & Paste field.

If you have transferred the keys over the Internet, you can compare the signatures (also called fingerprint) of the keys over the phone. Otherwise, an attacker could have swapped the key undetected, thus subverting the encryption (a Man-in-the-middleattack). For compatibility reasons, the Intra2net system supports the two most common fingerprint methods, MD5 and SHA1, it is sufficient for comparing one of the two fingerprints.