4.2. Virtual Machine with Direct Internet Access

As described in Section 3.1.3, „Contact with Unfiltered Network Packets“, we recommend handing over network cards that are directly connected to the Internet to the VM as complete PCI devices.

This functionality is called VMDirectPath and requires processor, motherboard and BIOS support. Intel calls this VT-d, AMD is called AMD-Vi or IOMMU. These functions are usually implemented only on server systems; computers designed for desktop use often lack full support from all components. See VMware and your hardware vendor for more information.

4.2.1. Server Preparation

Before a network card can be transferred directly to a VM, it must be released in the VMware server:

  1. Start the vSphere Client and connect to the ESXi server. Select the server itself on the left and open the "Configuration" menu.

  2. Click "Configure pass-through" and select the appropriate network card and bridge.

  3. The network card is available after restarting the VMware server for VMDirectPath.

4.2.2. Connecting the Network Card to the VM

The network card can now be installed as follows:

  1. Open the configuration of the VM and click "Hardware" on "Add".

  2. Add a PCI device.

  3. Select the previously enabled network card and close the add dialogue.

  4. The network card is now displayed as an additional device.