7.6. The Root Password

The root password is only needed to access the Linux shell and is independent of the administrator password. It is not required for normal operation or administration.

Each Intra2net appliance has a unique, randomly generated 16 character root password. It is encrypted and stored with Intra2net. If a retailer or customer requires access to the Linux shell, it can be requested from Intra2net. The necessary form is available on the partner website.

If an Intra2net appliance is replaced by a software version of the Intra2net system, a root password must be entered at the end of installation. Make sure that the password is long enough (at least 10 characters) and cannot be easily guessed (e.g. not a dictionary word). Write the password down and keep it in a secure place (e.g. a safe). Use a completely different password from any administrator, user, or other system.

The root password is also used to protect the boot manager. If the offered boot options need to be changed, the user has to login with username root and the root password.

To change the root password, log in via SSH or at the console to run the program set_root_grub_pwd.sh on the Linux shell.