38.2. Client Profiles

The Access right option allows you to set basic access rights. "No Access" corresponds to the right of "Basic LAN" or "Basic LAN and Local Networks". In addition to "Basic LAN","Email only" allows access via the email protocols SMTP, POP3(S) and IMAP(S). In addition to "Basic LAN", "VPN only" allows access to VPN networks connected via the Intra2net system. Access to these VPN networks is then possible with all protocols.

The Proxy webaccess option decides how the HTTP and FTP proxy on the Intra2net system can be used. "Free access" allows access to the proxy port, but does not force it. Only when the user has entered the proxy in the browser is it used. "Force proxy use" ensures that direct access to HTTP servers on the Internet is prevented. The user is therefore obliged to enter the proxy in the browser. "Transparent proxy" redirects all accesses to HTTP servers invisibly to the proxy of the Intra2net system. This means that there is no need to reconfigure any specific settings on the browser.

Using the Additional services option, additional ports (such as HBCI) can be enabled for Internet access.

The option Allow mail transfer only via the Intra2net system ensures that the email protocols are limited to the Intra2net system. This prevents email programs from accessing mail servers directly on the Internet and thus ensures that all emails must be sent via the Intra2net system. This is useful, for example, to ensure that the email virus scanner or an archiving function cannot be bypassed.