13.5. Data Privacy

In particular, the analysis of the proxy log files allows a precise monitoring of web browsing behavior of individual employees. In many cases such a detailed evaluation conflicts with data privacy standards. The Information > Data privacy page allows you to restrict access to individual critical functions according to the principle of dual control.

Only a particularly authorized employee (e.g. representative of the works council) receives a data privacy password for this purpose. Certain evaluations and the deactivation of the data privacy password can only be performed if an administrator is logged in and the data privacy password has been entered. If the authorised employee is not assigned administrator rights for their regular user account, it is ensured that only the administrator and the authorised employee can access the statistics together.

The difference between "full access" and access to the proxy statistics without a data privacy password is that the statistics of individual clients and users can only be viewed with full access. Otherwise, only the top 50 web pages are visible, and the accesses cannot be assigned to individual users.