16. Chapter - Services

16.1. Fax

16.1.1. ISDN-Connection

To be able to send faxes, the Intra2net system requires an ISDN connection. A list of supported ISDN cards can be found under https://www.intra2net.com/de/support/unterstuetzte_hardware.php. Only one ISDN card can be installed per Intra2net system. Also only one bus can be used for cards that offer multiple S0 busses. This means that the Intra2net system can send and receive faxes simultaneously on a maximum of 2 channels. If the Intra2net system is used as a virtual machine, the fax function cannot be used.

The Intra2net system requires an ISDN point to multi point connection (PTMP). If the telephone company delivers one, it can be used directly. If the telephone company delivers a PBX connection (PTP), the PBX connected to it must provide an internal point to multi point connection for the Intra2net system.

To avoid compatibility problems and to use full functionality of the Intra2net system, it should be connected to its own point to multi point port on the PBX, which is not shared with other devices.

Under System > ISDN > Area code, the country code and area code should be set. If a 0 must be preselected for PBX before each external number, this can also be configured here.

Under System > ISDN > MSN the Intra2net system is informed about the available multiple subscriber numbers (Multiple Subscriber Number or MSN). Some telephone systems limit the number of possible MSNs to 10. Neither the Euro-ISDN standard nor the Intra2net system knows this kind of limit.


If it is not certain on which MSNs the connected S0bus is configured, open the messages log file under Information > System > Log files in live mode. All incoming calls are displayed with the corresponding MSN.

16.1.2. Receiving

Fax receipt can always be activated under Services > Fax > Settings.

After that, it is possible to configure fax receipt for different extensions under Services > Fax > Recipients. If a fax is received on one of the MSNs defined here, it is sent by email to the registered inbox. The fax can be attached to the email as PDF, PNG or TIFF-G3.

16.1.3. Sending Settings

Under Services > Fax > Settings, fax sending is always activated. The outgoing MSN and the default identifier can also be set here.

Since different extensions are supported during receipt, it also makes sense to use different identifiers for sending. Under Services > Fax > Recipients, a different ID can be entered for each recipient. This is used for sending as soon as the name specified by the Name field is transmitted by the fax program as a user name. Client

The Intra2net system internally uses the HylaFax fax server. Therefore, any HylaFax-compatible fax client can be used for sending. An overview of available fax clients can be found at http://www.hylafax.org/content/Desktop_Client_Software.

The free of charge YajHFC client is included on the Intra2net system. It can be downloaded from the Information > Download menu. Installing and Configuring YajHFC

YajHFC (Yet another Java HylaFAX Client) is compatible with Windows (XP up to 10, 32 and 64 bit, but not terminal server), Mac OS and Linux. A complete installation program for Windows can be found on the Intra2net system in under Information > Download > Software. For all other operating systems the appropriate versions can be found at http://www.yajhfc.de/.

A Java Runtime Environment (JRE), version 6 or newer, is required for operation. It can be downloaded from http://www.java.com.

  1. Start the installation program. Select the "RedMon" port monitor when prompted during the installation process.

  2. Start YajHFC and open the Extras > Options menu.

  3. In the Server Standard tab, enter the name of the Intra2net system. Switch the character set to UTF-8 and choose a user name, no password is required.

    If the user name is exactly the name entered in the Services > Fax > Recipients menu of the Intra2net system in the Name field, the name and number identifiers stored there are used for sending faxes.

  4. Open the Delivery tab and enter your email address.

YajHFC is now configured. To send faxes, print to the automatically installed printer "YajHFC Fax". YajHFC starts automatically and opens a dialog for entering the fax number.

16.1.4. Differences Between Licenses

Receiving and sending faxes is only possible with licenses that include the Mail Server function.