15.14. Differences between licenses

Intra2net licenses with Mail Security feature: 

  • Acceptance of emails from individual POP accounts, direct delivery via SMTP and from collective POP accounts

  • Forwarding of entire domains

  • Forwarding of individual email addresses

  • Recipient Address Check

  • Spamfilter with quarantine

  • Attachment Filter

  • Email Antivirus

  • Interface for email archiving

Intra2net licenses with mail server additionally support: 

  • Permanent storage of emails on the Intra2net system

  • Email retrieval using clients (such as Outlook) from the Intra2net system via POP3 and IMAP

  • Vacation Mode

  • Email sorting

  • User-based spam filter

  • Mailinglists

  • Webmail and Web-Groupware

  • ActiveSync

  • Sending and receiving faxes (ISDN card required)